The purpose of our foundation is to generate significant financial support for projects which otherwise would not be possible within the budget of our district. Individuals or businesses interested in contributing to the WHS Foundation are encouraged to click on the DONATE button or contact any of the members of the Board or call Woodlake High School at (559) 564-3307.

Front Row: Rick Rodriguez, Casandra Ledesma, Alfonso Gamino, Laurabelle Burns Rice, Barbara Hallmeyer, Christine Andrade Cary, Co-Treasurer Debbie Kulick, President George Kulick

Back Row: Dee Rochin – Vice President, Mike Burchett, Alice Fesperman, Sally Pace, Co-Treasurer Terry Thompson, Carmita Pena, Jenny House

Not Pictured: Corresponding Secretary Bianca Rodriguez, Valerie Abanathie, Rhyanne Rochin Hettick, Jasmin Rodriguez Rangel


George Kulick – President

Dee Rochin – Vice-President

Debbie Kulick – Co-Treasurer

Terry Thompson – Co-Treasurer

Carmita Pena – Recording Secretary

Bianca Rodriguez – Corresponding Secretary

Valerie Abanathie    

Mike Burchett

Christine Andrade Cary    

Alice Fesperman

Barbara Hallmeyer    

Rhyanne Rochin Hettick

Jenny House    

Casandra Ledesma

Sally Pace

Laurabelle  Burns Rice

Jasmin Rodriguez Rangel

Rick Rodriguez    

Alfonso Gamino


George Betancur  

Tony Casares

Holly Crain Peltzer    

Ginger Curtis

Larry Garcia    

Sandy Owen

Ted Gill

Jeff Johnson

Jim   Johnson

Rachel Katz  

Frances Mann

Mike Marquez  

Diana Pearcy

Penny Villegas Urena