Woodlake High School Foundation Hall of Fame Application

The Woodlake High School Foundation established a Hall of Fame for its distinguished staff and alumni.  The Foundation Spring Dinner, May 3, 2019, will host the third induction class into the newly established Woodlake High School Hall of Fame.  Candidates are eligible based on their contributions in areas such as academics, the community, athletics, professional occupations, and the arts.  

Any person may nominate a candidate to the Woodlake High School Hall of Fame. Once a name has been placed in nomination, it will be kept on file to be considered in later years.

Former students with at least two years at Woodlake High School, former Woodlake High School staff members including teachers, administrators, counselors, high school support staff, past superintendents, and former board members, are all eligible for nomination.  A student candidate is eligible once their graduating class is five years out of high school. Former staff members, board members, and administrators are eligible if they worked for Woodlake a minimum of 10 years and have been retired from Woodlake for at least four years.   

Nomination form: Deadline is January 15, 2019.