GPA 2.0, this scholarship is for a student athlete who participated in football or basketball.

Soccer player, family member of Cruz family

Student must attend a 4-yr college & have chronic health issue. If no health issue, then select Art major student. Student must submit 1st semester college report card for proof of 2.5 GPA

All-around student involved in sports, community service (clubs & community), minimum GPA 2.5 or better, financial need is a factor in the selection.

All-around student involved in sports, community service (clubs & community), minimum GPA 2.5 or better, financial need is a factor in the selection.

Active in community service activities-exemplary citizenship and prefer Ag major

Awarded to a senior with the most financial need who wishes to further their edcuation. Not necessarily the top student, but the one who financially can’t afford an education.

3.00 GPA-College bound w/ major in business, participate in h.s. act. and community service

Interest in Animal Husbandry or medicine with emphasis on diabetes. Outstanding citizenship, participation in extra curricular activites and maintains a minimum GPA of 2.75. Written essay should include goals after college.

Scholarship will be awarded to seniors who are outstanding volunteers in the community, school or other groups; like 4H, FHA etc.

Student needs financial assistance.

Student going into the field of Social Work

Interest in automotive technology

Athlete with minimum 2.5 GPA, plans to major in PE or Education, and involved in school, community and extracurricular activities.

Turn around student, minimum 2.0 GPA

Minimum GPA 2.5, involved in sports and extra curricular activities.

Active in school activities, especially athletics. Outstanding citizenship

Student seeking potential Teaching career, involved in community service and/or sports during high school years.

College bound senior, in need of financial help, and who is involved in extracurricular activities, and communtiy service. Mimimum GPA 2.5.

Student has exceeded community service hours while at WHS.

Community service, academic achievement, good character, school activities and student pursuing higher education with goal of becoming a teacher.

Intertested in Nursing.

Social Work, Psychology, or any mental health major. Plans to work for BA degree, was involved in extra curricular and community service.

Agricultural student in HS or pursuing an Agriculture degree in college

Full-time agriculture student

Athlete, mimimum 2.0 GPA, interested in construction or selected by family of Jonathan Lentz.

Soccer player, mimimum GPA 2.0

Involved in soccer and plannig to attend college, mimimum GPA 2.0.

English learner, or student who needs has financial need with a minimum GPA of 2.5

Low-income, Hispanic Student, involved in any sport and 3.0 GPA minimum.

Per the family criteria: This is specifically for a WHS Football Lineman.

For a female senior interested in Business Administration, working with a stock broker, financial planner or banker. Working in any of these fields will enable student to garner experience in acquiring her own personal portfolio.

Good WHS student involved in sports, and involved in Community Service

GPA 3.25, involved in school activities, (Band, Sports, Drama, Annual/Yearbook,), and plan on a four-year degree.

Minimum 2.7 GPA, and wants to become a teacher; field of study Education.

Student plans to attend college, demonstrates interest in Art and will study Art.

Athletic ability, team spirit and leadership.1) In Volleyball senior year. 2) Plans to major in a “helping” profession. 3) Applicant must write an essay on, “How my participation in sports will help me in my future years.” 4) Close to a 3.0 GPA or better.

Must attend COS 2.5 – 3.5 GPA, and Good Citizenship

Your Content Goes Here

One typed page: “What did you do to make WHS a better place to learn, attend and enjoy your senior year?” Must include tangible results in the essay, that are measureable. How do you measure success? Need to show results.

Minimum GPA 2.5, involved in extra curricular activities and community.

Hard worker, positive attitude, community service, and a passion for learning.

For a senior who is self-motivated, positive, and involved in the community.

Complete the Pace/Conner YSL Scholarship application and attach a Letter of Recommendation. This application will be reviewed for quality and quanity by a committee.

Student must be interested in becoming a teacher with a minimum 2.5 GPA and involved in extra-curricular activites and/or communty service.

Senior who excels in Math and indentified as the top math senior.

Engineering or related field of study, and/or Automotive field of study.

Hispanic, GPA 3.0, Extracurricular activities and Community Service are very important. Must attend Community College or 4 yr college/university. Looking at most financially need and if parents are farmworkers.

Minimum GPA 2.0, scholar athlete.

Student needs financial assistance to attend college.

Interested in Fire Fighting or Agriculture, GPA 2.0, & Extracurricular activities and goal oriented student.

Continuing education in the field of Nursing. For the continuing part of this scholarship, the recipient must have minimum GPA of 2.5 from their college semester.

Help in overcoming financial barriers to higher education; for Hispanic student at whose parents are farm laborers and who have a GPA 3.0 or better. Must have demonstrate academic success and civic responsibility in their communities.

Active in extra curricular activities, and sports.

Senior not receiving much scholarships, involved in Sports, comm service; and student must be well-rounded.

Active in Community Service, priority given to Three Rivers WHS senior/resident.

Involved in the pumpkin patch; student gave their time and efforts in growing of the pumpkins for the Harvest Fall Festival.

Applicant must have a minimum 2.5 GPA, involved in sports, extra-curricular, and community service

Must want to become a teacher, GPA 3.0 minimum and demonstrate financial need. For the continuing part of this scholarship, the recipient must have minimum GPA of 2.5 from their college semester.

Awarded to Valedictorian and Salutatorian, ranked one and two in their class. Also awared to student with a GPA of 4.0.

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